Citizens Medals of Merit


What they are

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Every year, coinciding with the San Sebastián Day celebrations, the City Council distinguishes, by presenting them with its Citizens Medal of Merit, persons or bodies which have provided or continue to provide extraordinary services to the city.

MEDALLAS2024Citizens Medals of Merit 2024

How they are decided

As in the case of the Golden Drum, citizens can present candidacies which are, subsequently, and after the drawing up of individualised dossiers detailing the merits of the person or body under consideration, as well as all relevant information with a view to justifying the proposed distinction, submitted to the government bodies established in each case in order that they may be studied alongside those presented on behalf of the Corporation itself. The City Council Plenary session will later approve their concession.

While there is no limit on the total number of Citizens Medals of Merit, the City Council must take good care of their prestige, making sure that they are never simultaneously held by more than 200 people at any single time. No more than 5 medals a year can be granted.

List of winners - Citizens medals of merit


ADSIS Fundazioa

Non-profit entity that, for more than 56 years, has been working to offer opportunities to people who find themselves in vulnerable situations.

Ángel Rueda Aramaio

Shopkeeper of the Old Town in Rucal Electricity, a business with more than 30 years of experience, providing service and attention to neighbors throughout the city.


Association that works on behalf of people affected by acquired brain damage and their families, and which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024.

Bizikletaz adinik ez

Entity whose purpose is to contribute to a higher quality of life for people through participation, intergenerational cooperation and urban mobility.

Mentxu Medel

Ballet teacher at the Thalia school, with a lifetime dedicated to classical dance and the promotion of dance and culture in the city, also training male and female dancers with international projection.



For his work to raise awareness and care for people and families with mental health problems in the city.

Coro Easo Abesbatza (Musical choir)

For their cultural contribution through choral music that they have been developing for years at a level of excellence.

Lola Horcajo

For disseminating and publicizing the history and heritage of Donostia / San Sebastián and for his great contribution to the historical study of the city

Maite Sabadell

For his promotion of different projects in the city of Donostia / San Sebastián, and especially for having promoted one of the great troupes of the San Sebastian Carnival.

Gurutz Linazasoro

For the scientific dissemination that gives questions of cerebral, neurological and sociological interest to the general population and its promotion of relevant initiatives in the medical field.


Añorga KKE

Cultural and sports association that turns 100 years old and does a great job in the personal, human and sports development of hundreds of girls and boys.

Kresala Zinekluba

An association that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, an important agent that consolidates the link between San Sebastián and cinema. Program films outside the commercial field.

Zurriola Antzerki Eskola

This association has been working for many years in the field of grassroots cultural practice such as theatre. It has become an essential tool for promoting Basque and amateur theater in Donostia / San Sebastián

José María Leclercq

For his work to preserve the memory of San Sebastian, especially the fire that devastated the city in 1813.


For all its career and current involvement in accompanying mourning and serious illness.


Due to COVID19, Citizens Medals of Merit were not granted


Why Not Fundazioa

For its work with people with mental illnesses or disorders and their families.

Naizen Elkartea

Association of Families of Transsexual Minors.

Bikarte Elkartea

Cultural association that focuses its work on the temporary reception of young people from Russia and Belarus for their health recuperative rest.

Jesús Rubio Raymond

Recognized for his work in the social field. Founding member of Orona S. Coop. He has worked for the Basque language and for his commitment to the Basque pelota.

Itziar Mintegui Martínez

For her work at the head of the Society for the Protection of Animals and Plants.


Eragin Elkartea

For its cultural work for 53 years, with special attention to the personal and cultural fulfillment of women.

Hazi eta Ikasi

For the supportive school support offered voluntarily to boys and girls from families with limited resources.

Elizaran ikastetxea

For its 100 years at the service of the education and training of thousands of people from San Sebastian and for being a pioneer center in the integration and labor promotion of women.

Gaztetxo Antzerki Eskola

For the work done in the field of theater for 20 years, in which they have staged 16 musicals.


For its work in favor of the conservation of the urban heritage of the city.


Casa Ponsol

Oldest active store in the city.

Izan Norbera Fundazioa

Promoter of the Proyecto Hombre program.

Intxaurdi Kirol Elkartea

All-female football club.

Club Gimnasia Rítmica Donosti

Non-profit club dedicated to gymnastics.

Paul Zubillaga

Pediatrician Dr. For his work with people and groups in need.


Kemen Elkartea

23 years working for people with disabilities through adapted sports.


For its work for girls and boys affected by cancer and their families.

Gimnástica de Ulía

Organizer of the Cross de Reyes and for its work in promoting grassroots athletics.

5th B grade studes.Ikastola Jakintza 1982

Sara Iturrioz, Ana Zirikiain, Leire Ozkariz, Idoia Amas, Nora Lizartza, Ainitze Blanco, Miren Sorne Uranga, Ainitze Errasti and Josune Izagirre. Thanks to their initiative thousands of girls have participated in the children's tamborrada playing the drum and the barrel.

Javier Hernáez Uranga (parish priest of Altza)

For his work with many people and groups in need in Altza-Larratxo.


Itzurun Elkartea

Comparsa of giants and big heads that participates in the main festivals of Donostia/San Sebastián that have filled our streets with color and joy.

Juan Ojanguren Ulacia

Family doctor who has practiced until his retirement in the outpatient clinic of the Old Town. Professional with great humanity, vocation and dedication to patients.

Katxalin Elkartea

A association to support women affected by breast and/or gynecological cancer. A task that Katxalin carries out for the entire society of San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa in collaboration with the Institutions, Administrations and Research Institutes.

Centro de Formación Nazaret

This year 2016 the training center celebrates 100 years.

Chernobil Elkartea

The year 2016 is a key year for the association as it commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster as well as the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Chernobyl elkartea Association.


D. Juan José Ocón

Txoko Txiki

Fundación Goienetxe

Kantu Jira

Dña. María Jesús Bragado


D. Ángel García Ronda

D. Daniel Zulaika

Dña. Vicenta Benítez (Familias de Acogida niñas y niños saharauis)

Asociación Erroak Sartu

Teléfono de la Esperanza


D. José Luis Álvarez Enparantza, Txilardegi

D. Jaime Caballero

Dña. Luisa Etxenike

Unidad de Neonatología del Hospital Universitarioo Donostia

Txotxongilo Taldea


Dña Aadresa Portugal - Pescatera

D. Ramón Saizarbitoria - Escritor

D. Joaquín Pérez Iriarte - AA.VV. Txomin Enea

D. Peter J. Brown - Profesor de Danza

Hospitalidad de Lourdes


D. Miguel Tardáguila

Asociación de Profesionales de la Danza de Gipuzkoa

D. Félix Pérez Carrasco

Asociación Arrats


Mintza Laguna

D. José Luis Fernández

D. Iñaki Fernández

D. Fermín Muñoz



C.D. Bera Bera

Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago

Gros Xake Taldea

D. Esteban Elizondo

D. Juan Antonio Antero




Verdini Dantza Taldea

D. Carlos Benito Gómez

Dña. Lourdes Oñederra


D. Richard Oribe

D. Agustín Unzurrunzaga

Sor María Luisa Antón

D. Xabier Muñoz

Dña Concha Chaos


Siervas de María

Dña. Mari Carmen Ganzarain

D. Evaristo Ayestaran

Librería Manterola

D. César Pérez


D. Rafael Munoa

D. Javier Pradini. responsable de Emaús

Grupo Gastronómico de Intxaurrondo

D. José Yabén, vecino de Martutene

Dña. Teresa Cormenzana, Presidenta de la Federación Mercantil de Gipuzkoa


Dña.Mariasun Landa



Colegio de Enfermería

D.Peli Egaña


Club Fortuna

Colegio San José


Dña. Mari Carmen Guimerans

D. Imanol Olaizola


Librería Lagun

Filmoteca Vasca

D. Miguel Vidaurre

D.José Manuel Azkue

D.Alberto García Hinosa



Club Vasco de Camping

Sociedad de Cuidados Paliativos

D. Miguel Mari Echevarren

Colectivo de Voluntarios Aterpe


Sociedad Fotográfica

Sociedad Loiolatarra

Dª Luz Díez Montes Miranda


Antiguoko Pilotazaleok Elkartea


D.Vicente Zaragüeta

Asociación Artística Guipuzcoana

Asociación Amigos de San Telmo


Fundación Matía


Dña. Mari Ayestaran Amunarriz

D. Francisco Pizarro

D. Eugenio Tamayo

D. Xose Antonio Vilaboa Barreiro

Asociación Amigos del Sahara

Sociedad Kresala



D. J.Ignacio Ansorena Miner

Dña. Amaya Bontigui Zubiaurre

D. Plácido Eceiza Yarza

D. José Mª Zapirain Maritxalar

Asociación de Donantes de Sangre de Gipuzkoa


Club Deportivo DORDOKA


D. Miguel Capa Elola

D. Ibon Sarasola Errazquin



SOS Balcanes


D. Francisco Aranaz Darrás

D. Manu Aarrue Atxalandabaso

Dña. Faustina Carril Arocena

D. Josetxo Mayor Mateo

D. Mari Larrandia Moral


Dña. Angelita Martínez Gil

D. Xabier Aizarna Azula

D. José Delgado Castro

D. Luis de María y Lafaja

D. Iñaki Ibero Telletxea

Dña. María Semperena Zubillaga

Colectivo de Trabajadores de IKUSI


Dña. Miren Azkarate Villar

D. Félix Gabilondo Arakistain

D. Pablo García Azpillaga

D. Evaristo González Landa

D. Olegario Iturralde Bujanda

D. Rafael Puignao Fernández Aransgui


Dña. Cristina Cuesta Gorostidi

D. Manuel Matxain Ezpeleta

D. José Luis Munoa Roig

Dña. Hilari Pagazaurtundua

D. Juan Mª Peña Ibañez

D. Luis Pedro Peña Santiago

D. Tomás Pérez Pérez

D. Antonio Sierra Valgañón

Proyecto Hombre


Dña. Pilar Olascoaga Arrate


D. Manuel Cendoya Isasa

D. José Mª Ferrer Chapartegui






D. Antton Ayestaran Picabea

D. Ignacio Eizaguirre Arregui

D. Javier Sada Anguera

D. José Sarasa Ayerbe

D. Javier Urquia Zaldua


D. José Mª Aguirre Gonzalo

D. Jesús Mª Alkain Martikorena

D. José María Arana Ajubita

D. Luis Miguel Arconada Echarri

D. Ignacio Barriola Irigoyen

D. Manuel Múgica Echart

D. Carlos Santamaría Ansa