The lowering of the flag

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End of the celebrations

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The lowering of the flag is the last event programmed for San Sebastián Day and brings the festivities to an end.

At midnight on January 20, in the Plaza de la Constitución of the Old Town, the Mayor of Donostia/San Sebastián lowers the city flag to the tune of the March of San Sebastián, performed solo since 1957 by the Unión Artesana Society . Since 2018, one representative is invited from each of the tamborradas signing up for the event in order that they may share this emotional moment of our biggest celebration.

This year 108 people (58 men and 50 women) will come together at 23:30 in a symbolic event when the Unión Artesana's Drum Major invites all drum, barrel and firkin players to participate in the last part of the approach from the Plaza de Sarriegi to the stage in the Plaza de la Constitución, joining his tamborrada.



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